Table Ronde En Verre Extensible

In December 1959 it was announced that a round table conference would be held in Brussels, Belgium in 1960 to discuss the future of the Belgian Congo. Joseph Kabasele’s L’African Jazz and OK Jazz were both invited to perform at the event. Only two musicians from OK Jazz were able to attend, so they briefly performed with L’African Jazz. Kabasele took part in the conference, and collaborated with his musicians to produce some songs to commemorate the event. The most notable of these were „Table Ronde“ and „Indépendance Cha Cha“. While „Indépendance Cha Cha“ was celebratory, „Table Ronde“ was more assertive for the cause of Congolese independence. It featured a skillful guitar solo by Nico Kasanda. The song marked a new shift in Congolese popular music away from a care-free attitude towards militant politics.

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